Book Cover: Demon Peepers
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
Pages: 208

We should have made a more air-tight pact with the Fae when we'd had the chance.

I'm a Royal Faerie Guard. Or at least I was until my sister rescued me from the Fae last month. After living your entire life in Faerie, the Mortal Realm can come as quite a shock.

Now my life is here, but I'm having a hard time finding my place on this side of the faerie gate. My skills don't exactly cross over.

That doesn't mean I'm not staying busy. Creator, no. Queen Titania keeps sending her assassins, my age is rapidly catching up on me, and my sister (Taz) is spazzing out big time over her upcoming wedding.

So, yes, I had my hands full.

Then the rift opened.

Now I have to do more than just protect myself and my new pack.

I have to help save the world.

Demon Peepers is the third book of the Benandanti Series, a fun (and at times downright funny) Urban Fantasy Trilogy. It is highly recommended to read the books in order as each book contains spoilers of the ones previous to it.


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