Book Cover: Sister's Keepers
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
Pages: 165

When Coyote came to the pack asking for help, we were doubtful. When he told us his problem, we laughed.

According to Coyote, a leprechaun had invaded his turf. With Coyote's master trickster reputation, tell me you wouldn't have laughed too.

Unfortunately for our pack, his problem was real. And according to Rose, the eldest and definitely wisest of our pack, if there is one Faerie in our realm, others were sure to follow.

Unlike leprechauns, some of the Faerie Folk are very, very scary. So now, we're all on a leprechaun hunt.

But I have one ulterior motive that the rest of the pack doesn't share. I want that wish that comes with the capture of the little green man.

I want to know where my sister is.
Sister’s Keepers is the second book in the Benandanti Series and contains spoilers of the first book’s story. It is highly recommended to read the first novel, Finders Weepers, prior to starting this one.


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