Book Cover: Yorkie Doodle Sweetheart
Part of the Yorkie Doodle Mystery Series series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 1.99
Pages: 99

Being a big sister is more complicated than I ever would have imagined.

The time had come for me to keep my promise to Mom. Now I have to spend an entire week helping her restock her shelves with spell bags and potions.

The timing was actually good, though, because there were some weird things going on at Mom's shop. Things moving around in the middle of the night, my little sister Nancy acting strange, and a new scraggly-looking mutt hanging around the back lot. A whole lot of weird.

Okay, so maybe the dog wasn't really weird. All that, coupled with my faithful little Yorkie Doodle not being quite himself... well, I was more than a little stressed out.

Then I started wondering if all the weird things weren't somehow related. If they were, then all things kind of pointed at Nancy as the center.

Seemed about time to put being a big sister into practice. Find out just what the heck Nancy had managed to get herself into. And, more importantly, see if I could help get her out.

Yorkie Doodle Sweetheart is book two of the Yorkie Doodle Mystery Series. A fun-filled adventure with not a single dead body! Please note this is a short novella, not a full-sized novel. Just a quick, fun read to brighten your day!


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