About Us

Well, actually, this is an about me page rather than an about us page. But I digress. So, about me. Hum. Just what do people really want to know about me?

Currently I live in a very small town in Central Indiana. Being the animal lover that I am, right now I share my humble abode with a German Shepherd / Border Collie mix and a couple of beautiful cats. (One black, one calico.)

I am a Grandmother of two adorable children, Merida and Lee. They are what is known as Irish Twins, both born in the same calendar year. Merida is the eldest by eleven months.

Yes. My house is a busy one.

I’ve been writing for as long as I could spell, and telling stories before that. It’s in my blood… what I truly believe I was born to do. While most people have their favorites sections of stores, you will generally find me in the notebooks and pen’s sections. I can literally shop for an hour for just the right writing implement or notepad. Yes, most of my writing is done on a computer. But you just never know. ¬†And any writer will tell you that nothing strokes the imagination like a new pen (or freshly sharpened pencil) and a fresh notebook.

What I write kind of speaks for itself. You can check out my books page, or my blog posts for that.

So there you have it. Me. All boiled down to a simple page on a simple website on the not so simple internet.