Werewolves: Important Tips for Your First Shift

(Brought to you by the Benandanti Organization)

First of all, if you have just happened to stumble across this blog, I would like to say that this is totally a work of fiction. The blog’s author is Belinda White, who just happens to live in the same town I do and also happens to see the world the same way I do. But that is simply a happy coincidence, I assure you.

That being said, if you have been directed to this site by the Benandanti Organization, the tips herein should prove very useful to you. I would like to acknowledge Lilith Maxwell, my protégé, for the encouragement to reach out to all of you new shifters.

I apologize if the title to this blog is slightly misleading. After careful deliberation we went with the general term Werewolves. A blog entitled Werewolves, Were-rabbits, Were-foxes, Were-snakes, Were-birds, etc. would have gotten rather lengthy. Plus we were bound to miss some form of Were, and we didn’t want any hard feelings. So, just know this information will be useful to you, regardless of your fur form…or feather form…or reptile form, or–well you understand where I’m going, right?

Tip #1: Establish your exact time of birth

This may not sound like very useful information, but there is a reason it is included at the top of the tip list. As a Benandati were-whatever, you will shift for the first time when you turn 16 years of age. Exactly. Which means 16 years from the exact minute of your first breath, you will change into your alternate form. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that there are several reasons why you need to know when this is going to happen. The top ones probably being your safety and the sanity of those poor 100% human beings who co-exist around you.

Tip #2: Create a safe Were Zone

Depending on your alternate form, this will be for the safety of: a) yourself, or b) those 100% human beings mentioned above. If your mother (the carrier of the Benandanti gene) has alerted you to what you will shift into, consider yourself one step ahead of the game. It definitely makes the planning easier. For instance, if you are a were-rabbit, a small space will do. However, if you are a wolf or bear you will need someplace larger…and preferably empty for your first change.

Tip#3: Choose invitees to your change wisely

Needless to say, with the possible exception of your mother or grandmother, you will most likely want to be alone for the event. You most definitely do not want to be at a Sweet 16 party. Sorry, girls, believe me when I say I can feel your disappointment. And it’s a good thing to know if your father is in the communication loop. If you have an Elmer Fudd type Father, and you just happen to be a were-rabbit, you don’t want to end up as dinner. These are things you need to know.

Tip #4: Don’t Freak Out

Yes, you have just grown fur all over your body. Yes, you have shrunk and/or grown immensely. Yes, you do have these strange and at the same totally awesome urges that you’ve never had before. Yes, you are in point of fact a wild creature. (Please refer back to Tips #2 & 3 in case you missed them.)

Tip #5: Breath

This is harder than it sounds with your first change. But there is good news. If you can’t draw enough breath, or you draw too many and hyperventilate, you will pass out. Trust me, that isn’t the bad news it looks to be…at least if you followed my advice on Tip #2. I’d say probably three out of four new Weres pass out on their first change, so don’t be embarrassed if it happens to you. A sleeping (or passed out) Were will always revert to human form, albeit a naked one. Another reason to choose your invitees to the event very carefully.

Tip #6: Changing back to skin form

This is actually easier than it sounds. If you’ve studied physics, or really any form of true science, I’m sure you’ve learned by now that all things are pure energy. The Benandanti have simply been given the ability to change the form of our energy body. Unfortunately, we are limited to only two forms, or at least I think we are. The main thing is our minds have to know on a subconscious level how to be a human, a wolf, an owl, etc., in order to BE them. Make sense? So, to change back, simply relax and think about your human form. Start with your feet and work your way up to your hair. And no, you can’t change things along the way. Alas we, too, are stuck with the body the Creator gave us. Including things likes freckles. If you can’t relax well enough to do this your first time, don’t fret. Eventually you will fall asleep and things will take care of themselves.

So there, see, nothing to really worry about at all. A little preparation goes a long way. So until the next blog, be safe and happy wereing.

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