Sometimes the past repeats itself. And sometimes, it packs a bigger punch the second time around.

I didn't think much of it when Trevor called Orville in to help with a murder investigation. After all, Trevor hadn't been in the position of acting sheriff all that long. Murder was something new to him. At least, it was new to him in the position of sheriff. It was a far different thing than just being a deputy on a case.

The fun (and yes, I use that word very sarcastically) started when we learned just who it was Trevor had in his jail for the crime. None other than my ex.

Yup. Ruby's dad. You know? The one she doesn't know a thing about? Yeah, that one.

To make matters worse, the man was asking for our help to clear his name. For the record, that had to take some major kind of desperation. We hadn't exactly ended our relationship on friendly terms.

I'd had much grander hopes for our first case together as a private-investigating couple. But what could we do? The only way to get rid of the man was to clear his name and then send him packing back to whatever hole he'd come out of.

Unfortunately, that single murder was only the beginning. And it looked like the killer just might have Orville in his sights next.

Like I'm gonna let that happen.

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